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We're different

What makes us so different than others is our quality. We do care about each and every single customer, so we hand craft every project from scratch, to make it suit to you and your brand. In our service we know that you want to make your digitalization and digital transformation fast, simple and hassle-free without any surprises in the middle of the way.


In this fast moving digital world, time is everything. We always deliver on time and based on the estimated and agreed date on our contract. But usually the delivery times are earlier than estimated time.


We're honest and we believe that the key of success in our projects is transparent communication. We're always available to be reached and we won't keep you behind the line, like the competion!


Unlike the competitors who always want to make the digital transformation processes so hard and complicated, we keep everything simple and clean, like our website!

Why Gerdayeh?

There are many digital solution companies out there. Gerdayeh is one of them. But why you should choose us instead of others? If you want your projects get done on time, with the highest quality and no extra costs, then you're in a right place.


Digitalization and Digital Transformation process contains a lot of actions that needs to be made. These processes require different services and different teams to work on a same goal. At Gerdayeh we offer different services and based on your and your business needs we will use part or all of them during your journey.


The first step to enter to the new era of digital world is digitalization. In this process we start to get rid of all the papers and turn them into 0 and 1!


With modernization services, we help you to automate your current workflow to reduce the hand work and make everything smoother.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of your business, from systems to staff l behavior.


A successful business needs to have a collaborative team, and the key of that is an active internal communication between the members.

Data Analysis

You should be able to understand your data and identify the patterns.We help you to have a clean data by analyzing and standardizing it.


Customer Relationship Management is the key factor to transfer the possibilities into reality. More satisfied customers leads to more success.

Website Design

As a successful business, you should always have a modern, good looking and fast to load website which makes you unique in the market.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services will make sure that your clients and customers will easily find you before your competitors.

Website Administration

It doesn't matter that your website is based on Wordpress, WIX, Squarespace or it's a custom one.It always needs maintenance!


The goal of every business is to become a brand in the competition. Branding is a long term process and we will help you to become one.

Digital Marketing

Use online tools to boost your business. With targeted campaigns, you can reach more potential clients with much less investments.

GDPR Implication

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new standard for data policies. We make sure your business has implemented it.

Gerdayeh's Digital Services

We offer variety of digital services in Gerdayeh. To know more about them, click the button below.

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